In a society be…


In a society bent towards consumerism, minimalism is counter-cultural. It uproots assumptions and challenges behaviors we’ve learned from others. It can be scary and mysterious—most new things are.

Sitatet er hentet fra artikkelen “10 Common Objections to Minimalism“.


Setting the pho…


Setting the phone facedown on the kitchen table, I hoisted my son up in the air and stepped outside to enjoy the mid-summer evening air.

As soon as I sat down with him on our back porch, I noticed a beautiful cumulus cloud formation in the sky. Instantly, I wanted to capture it, but my phone wasn’t with me.

Kjenner vi oss igjen, eller? Herlig gjesteinnlegg på Becoming Minimalist om hvordan Jeff Goins lærte å slippe taket så han kunne være tilstede med sønnen sin.